A "summit conference" of celebrity chefs on Tinos at the magical Zoga restaurant

A "summit conference" of celebrity chefs on Tinos at the magical Zoga restaurant

Nine renowned chefs together with three Greek restaurant reviewers and journalists, all of whom are especially faithful lovers of authentic and quality cuisine gathered under the Aegean starry sky at Zoga restaurant located within the AEOLIS TINOS SUITES to enjoy a menu supervised by Tassos Mantis, the famous chef honored with one Michelin star.

They engaged in a conversation about authenticity, aesthetics, the identity of flavor, and topics connected with travel and seasons that contain tradition and evolution and which return to harmony and memory.

A celebrity meeting literally since all of them are awarded Michelin stars. Michelin stars, after all, constitute the Bible of world gastronomy. Names like the German-born Stefan Heilemann, the Italian born Giorgio Diana and Cristian Gadau, Miles Watson the instigator of the innovative and creative team of Pure Berlin, the Spaniard Xavi Donnay, the Swede Ebbe Vollmer, the Dutch born Jacob Jan Boerma, Przemysław Klima of Poland, and the French Akrame Benallal. They all met with the Greek journalists and gastronomic critics Thalia Tsichlaki, Fotis Valatos, and Tassos Mitselis and formed one great culinary company.

Throughout their intoxicating dining experience, they engaged in a wealth of diverse culinary sensibilities in a meeting which will reconcile the traditional with the modern, the conventional and the unfettered, the countries of the North with the countries of the South, under the scents, tastes, and flavours of the Tinian soil.

This year Zoga’s menu has been edited by the famous chef Tassos Mantis. In fact, Tassos is promoting sustainability through Zoga’s menu expressing a contemporary approach to global gastronomy.

The award-winning chef improves Zoga’s culinary journey by creating a trendy Greek cuisine with the use of contemporary techniques and adding a different dimension to the menu through herb and spice cultivation almost exclusively from Tinian soil.

So, for Zoga it is yet another year of pioneering expertise offering a greater variety of choices in the sphere of culinary indulgence. The menu effectively utilizes natural products from local suppliers and offers a unique experience of modern Greek as well as international gastronomy.

Zoga’s wine cellar selection displays a rich range of wines hosting some of the most reputable Greek and international labels. Don’t miss out on our Aeolis labeled wines bottled with a passion for good quality wine and available only in our restaurant.

At Zoga, located within the Aeolis premises, you will encounter a genuine experience of the scents and colours of Tinos. You will taste its rich olive oil, enjoy the profound spices and herbs of the Cycladic land, and you will savour extraordinary traditional recipes along with contemporary flavours.

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