Giannis Latsios enjoying unique gastronomic moments in Zoga

Giannis Latsios enjoying unique gastronomic moments in Zoga

On the beautiful island of Tinos and in his favourite hotel complex, the Aeolis Tinos Suites, Giannis Latsios continues to enjoy his summer holidays. 

The Aeolis has been and still is one of Giannis’ favourite summer, and not only, destinations from the very beginning of its operation. At the Aeolis, he gets the chance to escape from all the work-related stress and the daily intensity of television reality.

The Aeolis, for Giannis, is a sanctuary for tranquility and rest and is set in an ideal environment. A breathtaking view of the never-ending Aegean blue, upscale facilities, suites that blend Cycladic architecture with modern amenities in perfect harmony, private pools, a natural continuation of the beautiful Tinian beaches, unique hospitality with discretion and a complete respect for private lives. 

As of this year, the new Zoga restaurant, located in the Aeolis’ complex in Tinos, is open to the public with an amazing choice of dishes inspired by the traditional Tinian cuisine with a focus on fish and fresh products of the Tinian soil. Fresh fish straight from the Aegean fishing boats along with local organic farming products that have stood the test of time, are all served directly in Zoga’s choice of dishes. Naturally, Giannis Latsios made good use of the finest wine bottles from Zoga’s plentious cellar, mostly produced from the vineyards located within the Aeolis grounds.  

Ultimately, after feeling completely happy and satisfied, Giannis, being a formidable gourmet of fine food and drink, witnessed at first hand that Zoga has become the ultimate gastronomic summer event of Tinos, and not only!

Ο Γιάννης Λάτσιος μαζί με τη Diana Casian, Residence Manager στο Aeolis Tinos Suites
Giannis Latsios together with Diana Casian, Residence Manager in Hotel Aeolis Tinos Suites