Dinner Menu

Kakavia with potatoes, saffron and fresh basil


Green salad with bonito, pickled radish and pecan nuts
Cherry tomatoes Salad, tsalafouti cheese and fresh oregano
Lettuce hearts with courgette, giant caper and kariki cheese of Tinos
Greek salad with tomato, olive biscuit, honey vinaigrette, samphire and caper


Callops with orzo pasta, crayfish foam and wild garlic cream
Grilled squid with taramosalata, kritamo and pickled shallots
Slow cooked octopus΄served with fava beans, tamarisk and capers
Wild pan-roasted mushrooms with greens herbs, fresh oregano and lemon


Ribeye veal served with arugula and parmesan
Wagyu beef strip loin Α5
Slow cooked lamb hand for two served with vegetables and baby potatoes
Sea bass served with tomato based risotto, basil and chili
Sea bream with fricassee green

Grilled fish of the day (ON REQUEST)
Lobster (ON REQUEST)


Pefko, pine nuts, white chocolate and lemon beebrush
Dark chocolate ganache with caramel ice cream and tuile fegientin
White chocolate mousse with peach sorbet and chamomile foam

All-day Menu


Toast with turkey / steak and cheese
Club sandwich with smoked pork belly, Naxos gruyere and fresh homemade fries
Beef burger with homemade brioche bun, bacon, cheddar cheese, tartar sauce and country style potatoes
Pizza margarita with mozzarella and tomato sauce (toppings of choice)
Chicken skewer with fresh homemade fries
Bao buns served with Teriyaki chicken, ginger and chilly mayonnaise
Pita bread with yogurt and tahini
Fresh fries


Spinach salad with fig salami and citrus fruit dressing
Greek salad with Almades olives of Halkidiki and matured feta


Tinian froutalia omelette with local sausage and vegetables
Linguini all’Amatriciana served with pork cheeks and tomato sauce
Penne pasta with tomato sauce


Ribeye steak with vegetables
Fresh fish of the day with vegetables and fresh fennel
Grilled lobster served with herbs and fresh butter


Fruit salad with fresh fruit
Chocolate mousse with caramel ice cream and hazelnut crumble
Rice pudding with mastic
Lemon custard with seasonal fruit

*Many of the products used in our restaurant are natural and grown in the restaurant’s garden in accordance with the philosophy of our chef, Tassos Mantis.