Athletic Activities

Athletic Activities

The sunbed by the pool feels great, but there’s so much to do on Tinos!


If you really want to explore the island of Our Holiest Mother (Panagia), be prepared to go on some great hikes.

From Triantaros, with your starting point being the Aeolis Tinos Suites, you can follow the path towards Dyo Choria, Arnados, Monastery, Tzados, Kechros or, for a shortcut, go in the opposite direction towards Mountado and Karia.

Other magnificent routes for a hike with ravishing natural beauty are from Steni to Falatado, Volax and Potamia, from Kambos up to Platia, from Kalloni to Pyrgos, and many more routes full of scenic views, traditional villages and beautiful beaches.

Check all hiking destinations here.

Rock climbing

At Exomvourgo you can participate in organised rock climbing with a choice among a hundred granite routes. Throughout the whole year, apart from the hot summer months, Tinos is great for bouldering.

Scuba diving

There is a scuba diving centre at Kionia with excellent suggestions for the most majestic underwater experience.

Cross country race

The Commercial Association of Tinos organises the ‘Running Experience’ event.


Welcome to the ‘Hawaii’ of the Aegean. Tinos is one of the few Aegean islands offering excellent conditions in organised surfing not only for the experienced surfers but for those who are willing to give this exciting sport a go. There is a Sailing Club at Agali and a windsurfing school at Kolibithra.

Horseback riding

The latest acquisition of Tinos island: a horse farm where you can go horseback riding along magnificent paths even down by the sea.


“Have you observed that whenever your mind is disturbed your body fidgets more, you cannot sit silently? or, when ever your body is fidgeting your mind cannot be silent? They are together. Patanjali knows well that body and mind are not two things; you are not divided in two, body and mind. Body and mind are one thing. You are psychosomatic: you are bodymind” Osho, The Essence of Yoga. Check out more here.