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Jewel of the Cyclades

I searched the Aegean Sea for 20 years for the idyllic island getaway.  Then one day in my little boat, as if driven by the wind itself, I found her – Tinos Island, the undiscovered jewel of the Cyclades.  I was taken aback by the wind, serenity, hospitality and well-preserved old charm of Tinos and its picturesque villages.  The aroma of the sea mixed with orange blossoms and the clear brightness of the sun left me feeling light and liberated…I felt at home.

You will be awed too when you come to discover the unspoiled beaches, centuries-old architecture, exceptionally fresh food and incredible sea views that made me pick Tinos Island over all of the Greek Isles as my island escape.  You’ll find a plethora of natural beauty, traditional villages, religious icons, decorative churches, marble art galleries, basket weaving, charming dovecotes and the best of Greek culture, all on Tinos Island.  And, located in the heart of the Cyclades, Tinos is the perfect anchor to launch fascinating day cruises to explore the other Cycladic islands.  

When your ferry arrives to Tinos, you may stay in one of the unique suites and rooms at Hotel Aeolis Tinos Suites...there where Greek hospitality meets luxury.  Welcome home, my friend!  

The view of the Cycladic islands

I had one criteria for my island getaway…a magnificent view to the sea and the Cycladic islands.  The hills of Tinos provided the perfect unobstructed view of the blue Aegean horizon and the rejuvenating North Sea breeze.  

From the Aeolis pool you can feast your eyes towards 11 of the alluring Cyclades: Mykonos, Rinia, Dilos, Ios, Syros, Naxos, Amorgos, Paros, Antiparos, Sifnos and Irakleia.

Just a few minutes drive from the Tinos Port and perched on top of terraced hills, Aeolis Tinos Suites offers a peaceful and quiet ambiance to relax and unwind, with incredible island views and amazing sunsets.  It has everything one needs…charm, comfort, privacy, peace and the finest in upscale personalized service.

Nestled between two traditional villages -- Triantaros and Berdemiaros -- Aeolis Tinos Suites is within walking distance from the village square, pristine beaches, local artisans, shopping, tavernas and the Church of the Holy Apostles (Agioi Apostoli).  Its perfect location makes it easy for guests to slip in among the locals to enjoy inexpensive, freshly-prepared traditional cuisine and experience the warmth, history, hospitality and island vibe of Tinos.  You’ll enjoy the delicious louza ham, artichokes, local cheese and meat, crisp Greek salads, Tinos honey, delightful little donuts called Loukoumades, handpicked herbs and fresh fish. The islanders are more than happy to share the secrets of Cycladic island joyful living and why Tinos gives off an air of freedom, art, architecture and aristocracy.  There are plenty of activities to amuse or peace and quiet to relax.  You can explore the sloping green and brown terraces of the countryside, stroll through the white village clusters, discover amazing sand, pebble and rock beaches, bask in the sun’s warmth, or swim in the cool calm sea.  For the adventurous, Tinos has both mountains and giant granite boulders to climb, plenty of caves to explore and horse riding.

The Aeolis estate has expanded from the white stoned Cycladic cottage guest-house – “my home” -- to a beautiful collection of 5-star villas featuring an artistic blend of new luxury conveniences and traditional village architecture, each with a modern twist for an unforgettable stay.  The 10-acre estate maintains a unique village feel and hosts three dovecotes, 150-tree olive grove (some trees 150 years old), vineyards and aromatic wild flowers that perfume the air throughout the estate.  Guests can find solace and refuge in the two old charming churches that grace the estate.

Traditional Values

The original and refurbished guesthouses on the Aeolis estate were built with the same purpose in mind -- to share this luxurious dream of a Greek summer in Cycladic style. Only local original materials like Tinian marble granite and stones were used…nothing imported. Our villas feature the authentic beauty of raw stone walls, traditional marble lintels taken from older houses, Volax Village hand-woven baskets, vintage marble tables and, in one of our two small churches on the estate, the marble altar carved by the famous sculptor Yiannis Kyrarinis.  

Tinos has a long and proud tradition of sculpture and painting.  The island was home to renowned great sculptors such as, Gyzis, Lytras, Chalepas, Filippotis and Sochos.  According to legend, the famous sculptor of the ancient times, Fidias, taught the secrets of his art to the Tinian locals. Like the island, Aeolis estate showcases the continued art tradition of Tinian artisans through marble fountains, statues, arches, church adornments, dovecotes and intricate window fanlights “iperthira” on houses… a Tinos creation.  

Some of the most exquisite artistry found in the Cyclades are the hundreds of white dovecotes sprinkled throughout the Tinos countryside, each handcrafted in a unique and complex design.  Three authentic Tinian style dovecotes, built to accommodate the favored birds of the island, add an old village charm to the Aeolis estate.  One of our dovecotes, maintaining its aesthetic exterior, has been remodeled into an artful luxury accommodation for two.  It is the only authentic such dovecote suite for human “love birds” on the entire island!  

Aeolis Tinos Suites delivers a memorable and unique experience for each of our guests in our Cycladic styled villas.  And, our 500-year old storage buildings made of stone are being beautifully transformed into 5-star modern accommodations each with a private pool to give our guests an unsurpassed Tinian experience.

Even the Aeolis Tinos Suites logo is borrowed from relief impressions found on old buildings of Tinos: winds and waves at four cardinal points in a cross configuration. Wherever you look on the Aeolis estate or around Tinos Island, you will see the artistic expression of serenity, nature, wind and sea.