The stars of Tinos lay not only in the sky

On Tinos, nightlife takes on a unique and an ever so charming air of its own, since a substantial part of the visitors come to this island solely for the Holy Mother Mary’s Pilgrimage and to visit St Pelagia's Monastery. The night sky of Tinos magnetises the prayers of people who come here to fulfil a vow offering to Mother Mary.

Nights on Tinos have the taste of the island’s local delicacies, a great variety of which you can enjoy at its taverns: delicious Tinian cheeses (Tinos gruyere, ‘kopanisti’, ‘volakia’, ‘malathounia’), squabs casserole in red sauce, grilled, baked or fried with white sauce, ‘louza’ (the super tasty spicy cold cut of Tinos), ’stifado’ (rabbit stew), ‘froutalia’ (scrambled eggs) with artichokes or ‘siglino’ (salted pork) or sausage... If you decide on fasting, you’re on the right island for some amazing meatless and dairy-free delicacies: batter-fried sun-dried tomatoes, fried snails and many more... For desert, relish the ‘pasteli’ (sesame seeds with honey) or one of the many exceptional baked sweets of Tinos. 

Most of the wine bars are found in an alley in Chora. Driving along the peripheral road, not too far from the Chora, you can always visit an outdoor bar with fantastic view to offer.

For many, nightlife in the Cyclades is synonymous with Mykonos. The main difference is that on Mykonos you take your host aside and list the places where you wandered in and out of the night before. On Tinos, it’s your host that you’ll turn to for the ideal spot worth spending your night at. Nights on Tinos are not about quantity, but have all you need to experience at the highest level.

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