Hiking on Tinos

Hiking on Tinos

Enjoy hiking on Tinos thanks to the many paths of the island. A total of eleven are the preserved hiking trails on Tinos with a total length of 120 km. Today, the island is visited by many hikers, especially in the spring when the weather is more suitable for hiking.

In the past, these paths were the only way to get from village to village. It is estimated that there used to be trails that reached a total length of 300 kilometers on the island, but today many of them have been destroyed due to abandonment.

Owing to the generous services and optimistic efforts of volunteers, many of them have been preserved and mapped. A map of the hiking trails on Tinos is available from "Anaveni" publications in both digital and printed form.

Hiking trails on Tinos


One of the most beautiful and relatively short trekking routes is the one from Loutra village toPerastra village. The path that connects the two villages was many years ago the main road toreach villages such as Komi, Kalloni etc.

The route starts from the village Loutra through an oak tree path and then, it continues alongthe river (dried during summer months). 

It continues through the deserted medieval village of Lazarus where one can see the ruins of medieval houses and finally it ends up to Perastra village. 

The route is approximately 2,5 km and takes about30 minutes.


A very special journey is the one from the village Agapi to the village Volax. One can start the route through Agapi of or even better choose a path that starts near the bridge that we meet on our way to the village (direction Komi to Agapi - Sign: «Προς Νερόμυλους», which means “To the watermills”).

We walk alongside the river (dried during summer months) into the marked path encountering some beautiful watermills and several restored pigeon houses.

We go across the river, where possible and enter Agapi village. There, we head right and follow the path at the end of the village under the cemetery.

After a while, we come across a bridge and a ruined house, where we continue uphill to the right.

Continuing to Volax is not difficult as there are no important intersections to confuse us.

The route is approximately 4km and it takes about 1,5 hours.


The route Falatados - Livada is one of the “greenest” trekking routes on the island. Starting from Falatados village we go down the marked path to Livada beach. The variety of landscapes is unique.

Walking on an old path along the dale, among pigeon houses and 

watermills, at t he beginning, we see on the right little waterfalls; then we find the characteristic Volax rocks.

Most of the route is full of oak trees. Towards the end of our journey we find the rocks of Livada beach with waterfalls and little lakes. This incredible scenery leads to the beautiful beach of Livada.

The route is approximately 6km and takes about 3 hours.