Horseback riding in Tinos

Horseback riding in Tinos

Benefits of horseback riding in nature!

Tinos Horse Riding gives you the opportunity to enjoy wonderful horseback riding through scenic trails that end up in the traditional villages of Tinos island. You can enjoy them on your own, with your loved one or even as a family activity that will most likely become memorable! Tourist riding is the new trend that is constantly gaining ground in our country, but what you might not know is its benefits to the rider.

Research shows that this type of riding can have a greatly beneficial effect as it discharges from stress and enhances the mood and overall wellbeing of the rider. On one hand the contact with the Greek nature and on the other hand the contact with the horse - an animal that, according to research, perceives the feelings of the people - is a combination that seems to act psychotherapeutically providing the opportunity for a quality break away from the pressure that most of us deal with everyday. In addition, as a family activity, a horse ride brings family members closer allowing the best memories to the younger and older people.

If you find yourself in beautiful Tinos, do not miss the opportunity for horse riding amidst nature.

Tinos Horse Riding provides you with:

  • Horse rental as there are 6 large horses and 3 young ones.
  • Horses rides are available all days of the week, provided that there is a phone notification one or two days earlier
  • Ideal conditions as rides in rural-traditional paths take place mainly early in the morning or in the afternoon - the hours when the heat is yet not high. 
  • Opportunity to tour around, as there is a 30-minute stop in order for the horses to rest, which takes place at a selected spot on the route.
  • Depending on the level of experience of the rider, escort is provided on all routes, as well as safety helmets and full insurance cover .
  • It is also possible for the younger riders to have a first acquaintance with the horses and the experience of the first ride in a controlled area with the proper attendance.