Yoga on Tinos

Yoga on Tinos

Exclusive yoga sessions in the ideal environment of the Aeolis Tinos Suites

Yoga will help you relax and get away from the stress and daily routine, you will physically work out, release all the toxins, restore balance in both physical and mental states, and you will sense complete relaxation and well-being. Yoga is a method for personal development and improvement. By participating in a yoga program, you will get a feel what a holiday really means: you will be rejuvenated and truly feel rested.

Overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea and the Cycladic Islands, away from bustling streets and crowded places, our hotel offers the perfect location for yoga programs. Furthermore, we have created a holistic experience with the aim to promote healthy and relaxing holidays, paying special attention to healthy eating and to providing a hospitable environment. Our rooms and suites are decorated and properly equipped so as to make you feel at home while every single meal in our hotel is systematically prepared with pure and fresh local ingredients that are carefully selected with care and love for delicious, healthy meals.

Private and group yoga sessions

At our hotel, yoga is taught by instructors who have extensive experience and knowledge. Sessions are available upon request and we offer both individual and small group yoga programs (limited to a small number of attendees).

Why Tinos is ideal for a yoga holiday

  • Tinos is untouched by mass tourism. The development of tourism on the island is still in its infancy thus Tinos still maintains its cultural colour and natural beauty
  • The scenic Tinian villages will take you back in time
  • Countless beaches with mild or minimum tourist exploitation
  • Easy access from Athens

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