So inviting for you to take a swim!

On Tinos, there is a plethora of beautiful beaches suitable for all tastes: sandy beaches, with pebbles, rocks, seaweed or without, either organised: (Kionia, Kolimbithra, Agios Fokas, Kalivia, Agios Romanos), or for the more free spirited (Lichnaftia, Santa Margarita, Agios Petros, Pachia Ammos, Livada, Apigania), accessible either on foot, by car or by boat only.

Five kilometres from Triantaros and Aeolis Tinos Suites, go down to Lichnaftia beach. Located at 5.6 km is Agios Sostis beach and Agios Ioannis Porto beach at 6.1 km. Kionia, (an endless sandy beach) is 10.6 km away from Triantaros, while at 14.5 km, you can have a swim at Kolimbithra beach.

From Chora, after about 7 km distance, you can enjoy a swim at the beaches of Agios Fokas, Stavros, and Agios Markos.

Further away, we can visit the beaches of Pachia Ammos (opposite from Mykonos), Santa Margarita, Livada (24 km from Chora), Agios Romanos (11 km from Chora), Ormos Isternion (21 km form Chora), Ormos Yannaki, and Panormos (27 km from Chora).

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