What does the symbol of the Aeolis represent?

What does the symbol of the Aeolis represent?

An ancient wind that lifts the soul…

Tinos Island’s Greek mythical roots and Christian heritage inspired the unique Cycladic design of our logo for “Aeolis Tinos Suites.”  It is three iconic design elements woven together: the Wind Spiral, the Compass Card and the Cross.

Wind swept Tinos was the island home of Aeolus, the Greek god of the winds, and in modern times is considered the island of the Virgin Mary.  The mythical spiral symbol for creation’s core elements combine with the seaman’s compass for navigation and the Christian cross symbol for the highest act of Love, to form the distinctive logo for Aeolis Tinos Suites.

The Wind

For the ancient Hellenes, myth and their Greek gods were believed to be a reliable oral tradition of real people passed down through the ages containing valuable moral lessons.  Myth was highly regarded, along with Greek philosophy and history.  It is this cultural tradition that influenced our wind symbol and the Aeolis name.

In ancient Hellenic philosophy, wind represents the soul. Greek philosopher Anaximenes imagined the wind…air…to be the divine source of all things, including the breath of life and the soul that controls the body (Οἷον ἡ ψυχὴ ἡ ἡμετέρα ἀὴρ οὖσα συγκρατεῖ ἡμᾶς). 

According to Hellenic mythology, Zeus, the father of all gods, appointed Aeolos (Aeolus in Latin) to be Keeper of the Winds, which he safeguarded in a leather sack and was to release only at Zeus’ command.  Aeolus was also the son of Helen and founder of the Aeolian race. The Aeolians named its first colony Aeolis when they colonized the north-west coast of Asia Minor 31 centuries ago near the end of the 12th Century BC.  Princess Aeolis is said to be the daughter of the wind that cleanses heart, soul and mind.

The clear brisk winds that blow on Tinos are thought to still hold ancient blessings.  It helps to explain why Tinos is considered a jewel of the Cyclades set in the beautiful blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

The Spiral Symbol

Hellenic philosophers believed the four elements earth, wind, fire and water (γῆ, ἀήρ, πῦρ, ὕδωρ) played a crucial role in the creation of our world.  All four elements share one common feature:  the Spiral. 

You will see the Spiral throughout the island of Tinos in marble carvings, vases, pebble mosaics, ancient relics and art.  The Spiral has been a symbol of progress and evolution since ancient times.  It succinctly describes for Aeolis Tinos Suites our pursuit of excellence to deliver a superb vacation experience at the highest level of comfort and luxury for each guest. 

The Compass Card

Since ancient times, seamen use the Compass Card to navigate their ships to safe harbor, and in Hellenic tradition the compass serves to direct the refreshment of the soul.  

The Hellenic verb ‘Διασκεδάζω’ (amuse) means to be diverted or scattered to the four winds, and its modern meaning is like the temporary fun offered by the futile wind of idle windmills.  In contrast, we portrayed Aeolis Tinos Suites as four wind spirals extending in each direction to express our accommodation experience and unlimited scope of excellence as more than a mere destination for amusement.  

The island of Tinos was never about scattering one’s self in frivolous amusements, but about renewal, recreation and refreshment of the soul.  So too, is your stay at Aeolis Tinos Suites.  While you are with us, let the rejuvenating breeze of the Aegean Sea clear your mind and free your soul to let your inner compass direct you to where your personal good wind blows.

During the summers and the beginning of sweet autumn in the Aegean, a gentle north-west breeze cools the Cycladic islands like a chilled drink. It’s as if the mythical Aeolus is still ensuring a perfect Aegean summer by pulling from his sack the northern high-pressure winds from Greece and the eastern low-pressure winds from Asia Minor (ancient Aeolis).

The Cross

The Cross is the worldwide symbol of the Christian faith.  It is the symbol for the highest act of Love and Sacrifice made by the Son of God for humankind.  The Cross is honored as a symbol of victory and protection.  All across Tinos Island, and even on the Aeolis estate, you will find many Greek Orthodox and Catholic churches dedicated to the Christian faith.  Even the weather vane atop Aeolis encourages your soul to look skyward through the cross and reflect inward.

Only 2 kilometers from St. Pelagia Monastery, at 300 m above the sea level of the Aegean, the arrow of the Aeolis Tinos Suites’ weather vane (the Aeolis logo compass card) clearly points towards our mission to provide exquisite personal service of the highest standard.  

The customized Hellenic letter ''e'' in the “Aeolis” logo brings to mind the original meaning of the word “cosmos.”  In Hellenic language, ‘κόσμος’ (cosmos) means ‘jewel,’ and ‘κοσμῶ (decorate, embellish).  Aeolis Tinos Suites is the luxurious accommodation jewel of Tinos Island.  The “Aeolis” logo stands for our cosmopolitan approach to make life beautiful with who we are, what we become, and what we offer to others.