Villages in Tinos

Villages in Tinos

52 villages in Tinos Island

Tinos, the third largest island of the Cyclades, following Andros and Naxos, invites us to get better acquainted with its 52 villages: the mountainous villages, those on the plains, the inland and coastal villages of the island. Walking through the cobble-stoned alleys and streets, beneath the cool arches − the pride of Cycladic architecture − you feel the urge to stand and knock on one of these wooden blue doors.

How happy must the people who live here be?

This is not a rhetorical question. You are indeed invited to find out for yourself! Every so often, we will add a village on this website page to discover together. Like an excursion following a great breakfast on your terrace at the Aeolis Tinos Suites, at Triantaros.


A charming Tinian village, a civilisation bathed in white and blue with its houses rising off a canvas of greenery. The haves and artists have bought houses here, those of a distinct taste, Greeks and foreigners, French and Swiss, who have renovated old houses or built a modernized Cycladic-styled home with stunning interiors. In the traditional house interiors, we see the Cycladic metal bed and the hand-woven tapestries and decorative plates hanging on the adjacent wall, amazing samples of local craftsmanship.

The old renovated houses facing the newly built ones both pay respect to the genuine Tinian style: discretion in wealth, a touch of class in living with less.  Here’s the traditional civilisation you’ll wish to be part of:  Triantaros, Tinos, Cyclades, Greece.

Magnificent lanes and sheltered walkways, all conspiring to lead from one live painting to the other, under their soothing, refreshing shade.  Strolling along these cobble-stoned alleys, you enjoy the works of Tinian craftsmen.  Wooden doors, iron gates and balconies all painted indigo, white dovecotes, fine artistry. A traditional culture that persists to date with the vigor of the red flower rising from its clay pot against the sparkling white wall.  Courtyards with flower beds, gardens and orchards. Brush strokes of orange and purple against the green and bright white stone of the Cycladic islands. Based upon these very Tinian earth colours, the wind performs its shadow theatre on the white walls.  And when you turn to look at the sea, you are generously rewarded with its unique colour paying homage to an azure sky. 

The altitude of Triantaros guarantees an endless horizon. Imagine all your prized possessions to be a blue wooden armchair in a garden at Triantaros overlooking Tinos' harbour and eleven Cycladic islands…  Even if you do not ‘own’ this chair, if you have simply rented a house for the year, or just a suite for the summer, your possessions will be all but the same: whatever lays in front of you to look at, to dream, to pray, allowing your soul's vision to travel over and beyond this magnificent sea view.

As you ascend the stairs of a house − vertical white walls, horizontal grey pavestone steps − your gaze ‘catches a breath’ on the flower beds. Your eyes are magnetised by the wall of the house, built stone by stone in accordance with the family’s dreams. 

At the centre of the village stands the white church of The Holy Apostles (Agioi Apostoloi) with the blue dome and white Cross on its top. Further down the road, the old mill, the graphic taverns, the exquisite view of the sea and the harbour of Chora. It’s obvious that whoever has bought a holiday house at Triantaros, knows what “living the good life” means.


If there were no road signs indicating ''Triantaros'' and ''Berdemiaros'', the two villages flanking the Aeolis Tinos Suites could easily be taken for one and the same medieval village. Even when looking at Berdemiaros and Triantaros from afar, it seems like a single 'herd of white sheep' ascending the hill and reveling in the grass. Your gaze quenches its thirst in the Aegean Sea from an altitude of 363 m.


The largest village on Tinos is Pyrgos (‘castle’ in Greek). Picturesque, with beautiful architecture. This is the place where acknowledged Greek sculptors Chalepas and Filippotis and painter Lytras come from.  The museum of marble crafts is worth visiting.

The seaport of Pyrgos is Panormos. A very nice spot for a swim. This is the place with the finest seaside residences of Pyrgos.  This is both a sandy and rocky beach.