Zoga Restaurant

Zoga Restaurant

open daily 1 pm - 12 am

Our new restaurant Zoga www.zoga.gr) is located inside our hotel and has become a point of gastronomical reference for Tinos Island every summer. It is open to the public, offering unbelievable vistas of the Aegan Sea and the neighbouring islands, inviting you to new gastronomic experiences. 

Our experienced chef has composed a menu based mainly on two amazing cuisines, Greek and Italian, with extraordinary dishes, joined in an explosive Mediterranean fusion.  Passionate, juicy, full of aromas, and delicious. It is not by chance that Mediterranean nutrition has been acknowledged as an aspect of intagible cultural inheritance.  Zoga brings flavours from different corners of the Mediterranean thanks to the untapped wealth and amazing variety of the Mediterranean cuisine. It is a unique journey to the world of taste, beginning from traditional dishes and reaching to the most original specialties.

The smartest ideas for starters, soups, vegetable plates, salads, sea food, pasta, meat, and the most delicious desserts comprised of ice-cream, sweets, or fruit.  Pure olive oil, thyme, basil, capers, all these ingredients that bring the distinct colors of the Mediterranean, create the most enjoyable menus that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Tasty starters, such as bruschetta and small artichokes from Tinos, the refreshing beet salad, filling and delicious main courses, such as tagliatelle, prawn risotto, amazing fish soups with fresh fish brought straight from the local fishing boats, as well as lovely desserts like the unique Greek walnut cake.  The menu is also focused on sea delicacies and fresh fish from the Cyclades Islands: sea urchin eggs, octopus cooked with wine, fennel and roasted leek, smoked eel with with Wakame seaweed, Zoga salad with cherry tomatoes, caper fruits and xynomizithra cheese of Tinos, are just some of our restaurant dishes that go beyond any imagination and guarantee a gastronomic experience you will never forget. 

All these, while making use of the extraordinary raw materials of Tinos Island and of other regions of Greece that can satisfy fully the gastronomic quests both of meat-eaters and of vegans. 

The rich wine cellar of Zoga offers some of the most famous wines, of Greek and international origin. Do not skip on tasting the wines bearing the Aiolis label, which we passionately bottle ourselves, to taste a quality wine you can only find here. 

Our restaurant is open every day from 1 p.m. till midnight, and it is available to host any functions. You may check the menu and read more in our restaurant’s website: www.zoga.gr


"I love this place. Our second visit. Now it has a very fine restaurant opened. Wonderful treatment from Diana and all the staff. Fabulous views. The only unfortunate thing was the wind that blew all the time, and no one has control over that. This is the abode of the North wind after all. Love Tinos.."

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