The charm of Tinos -

The charm of Tinos -

We are now in the Cyclades, in a unique complex of islands, bathed in the Greek sun, with its characteristic white houses and sandy beaches. Among these islands, Tinos reserves a special place and has many secrets to reveal to you.

We had the unique pleasure of living an incredible experience discovering this island, and staying in the stunningly beautiful Aeolis Tinos Suites. A paradise of a complex, illuminated by the sun, with stunning views across the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands. Calmness and relaxation are what dominate here.

Nestled among olive groves with centuries-old olive trees and aromatic vineyards, on 30 acres of land, a beautiful complex of 5-star villas is developing, each of which offers unobstructed views not only of the endless blue of the Aegean, but also of all the Cyclades.

From the Aeolis pool, you can be mesmerized by the other 11 islands of the Cyclades: Mykonos, Rhineia, Delos, Ios, Syros, Naxos, Amorgos, Paros, Antiparos, Sifnos, Irakleia.

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The island of Tinos is the rare jewel of the Cyclades. Blessed by the god Aeolus, with the benevolent winds, serenity, hospitality, the well-preserved old charm of Tinos and its picturesque villages, this island is a place to remember. The smell of the sea mixed with orange blossoms and the bright light of the Greek sun give this sacred island its special taste.

You will also be most fascinated when you discover the pristine beaches, the centuries old architecture , the exceptionally good food and the incredible view of Aegean’s endless blue!

In Tinos you will discover a plethora of natural beauties. Its traditional villages and settlements, 62 in number, will unfold in front of you one by one, all of unique natural and architectural beauty. You will admire the 1000 Orthodox and Catholic churches of the island, with the dominant position being kept by the church of Megalohari. Every family a church, every visitor a pilgrimage, and every temple a history. The marble sculpture of Tinos is a reference point in world sculpture. The knitting of baskets and the uniquely beautiful dovecotes are also remarkable elements of Greek culture! Its advantageous geographical location, positioned in the heart of the Cyclades, is the ideal starting point for exciting day cruises, to explore the other islands nearby.

The original and renovated inns on the Aeolis estate were all built sharing the same goal - to bestow the wonderful dream of a Cycladic Greek summer. Only local materials such as marbles and stones from Tinos were used. Its villas are characterized by the authentic beauty of the stone walls, the old marble lintels, the handmade village baskets from the village of Volaka, the marble tables and the marble sanctuary carved by the famous sculptor Ioannis Kyrarakini located in Panagia, one of the two small churches inside the AEOLIS estate. 

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Tinos has a long and proud tradition in the field of sculpture and painting. The island hosted famous sculptors such as Gyzis, Lytras, Halepas, Filippotis and Sohos. According to legend, Pheidias, the famous sculptor of ancient times, had taught the secrets of his art to the inhabitants of Tinos. As in the whole island, so in the Aeolis estate, the uniquely beautiful works of art of Tinos are highlighted with marble fountains, statues, arches, church ornaments, dovecotes and lintels (skylights or caskets), which are a very common element in traditional Tinian buildings.

Some of the most exceptional arts in the Cyclades are the hundreds of white dovecotes scattered throughout the island's countryside, each handmade with a unique and intricate design. Three authentic Tinian-style dovecotes are built to accommodate the island's favorite birds and add a rustic grace to the Aeolis estate. One of them, retaining its special appearance, has been transformed into an ornate luxury accommodation for two. It is the only authentic dovecote, suitable for "little birds" in love, in the whole island!

Aeolis Tinos Suites provides an unforgettably unique experience for each of the guests in its Cycladic style villas. The 500-year-old stone house "cells" have been beautifully transformed into modern 5-star accommodation with a private luxury pool each, to give their guests an unsurpassed Tinian experience.

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