Where to find us

Where to find us

So close to what you came to enjoy on Tinos!

Whichever good wind sails you to Tinos, the fourth largest of Cycladic islands, you always have the certainty that you can come and go whenever your heart desires. The third port in passenger traffic in Greece with regular service from two ports in the Attica Region. From the Port of Piraeus you reach Tinos in 5 hrs by conventional ferry and in 3.5 hrs by speedboat. From Rafina Port it takes 4 hrs with a conventional ferry and 2 hrs with a speedboat).

Even though the island does not have an airport, there are frequent ferry connections from Mykonos (30 min trip to Tinos), should you want to combine a quick visit to Mykonos.

The Aeolis Tinos Suites is located in the southern part of Tinos, between the villages Triantaros and Berdemiaros, at 318 m above the sea level of the Aegean, right above the harbour at an 8 km distance. The Chora is only 5 km away, an hour’s walk, preferably in the morning or in the late afternoon. Otherwise, the bus stops right outside the Aeolis. Of course, there is always a taxi service and the choice to rent a car.

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